We met while doing hair and makeup for weddings and were inseparable since! Our personalities instantly clicked and we knew there was something more profound destined for us.

We flew to New York for The Makeup Show in May 2015 as well as to scour inspiration for our company.

We modeled our entire vision on a single quote: Make it Simple, but Significant - Don Draper, Mad Men. (We've never seen Mad Men but we love the quote).

Between our love for animals and our minimalist natures Tease HTX was created. We wanted to offer the simplest way for our clients to book a hair and makeup appointment and not limit to only bridal clients. We decided to ensure only the best and longest wearing makeup products are used while being Cruelty-Free . This does limit us from many makeup brands but did not want to support those that did not have the cruelty-free logo.

We both have over 14 years of hair and makeup experience combined! Kara's work has been featured on multiple wedding blogs for brides she has worked with. We are constantly learning and educating ourselves on the latest trends and products.

In August 2016, Kara and her family moved to Boise, Idaho where Kara will be pursuing an Idaho version of Tease. Her website is coming soon.

Our favorite thing is doing the best we can and making YOU happy!

--Nastassia and Kara