Allison Married! - Las Vegas, Nevada

Kara recently had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas for a destination wedding!  It was a gorgeous ceremony with the warm colors of the sun set reflecting off the lake in the background  The bride chose to do braid coming across the front to meet the with the curls we had on the side.  Soft pinks and browns were the perfect compliment for her fair complected features.

Kara had her fiance meet her in Vegas to plan their wedding that was supposed to happen a month later.  They got their marriage license and were discussing all the details they need to take care of before their wedding.  Feeling overwhelmed and completely spontaneous, they decided to elope!  Kara called her mom and had her overnight her dress and the next day they were married!  See pictures below!

Kara and Shayne's Elopement pictures:

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Kara and Nastassia