Why we're cruelty free!

Have you ever checked out the chemicals used in the products you use on a daily basis? Or what chemicals are in your everyday products?

Everyone has their own morning routine, one that is unique to each of us. A typical day consists of waking up, getting ready for work, and going through your day, right?  But have you thought about what your daily cosmetic routine consists of? To name a few things we use: face wash, moisturizer, toothpaste, makeup, shampoo and conditioner.  We all have that product that we absolutely love and MUST have. Have you checked to see what chemicals in it, or how it has been tested? What the process consists of that gets it to the shelf for you to buy?

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulates a products safety by controlling what chemicals are used in the product. Products must go through certain trials to make sure they are suitable for human use. Most companies do such by testing using animals.  Why? Because it is cheaper to test on an animal as well disregard any moral qualms with injuring the subject. They inject harmless animals with chemicals to see the reaction it has on their body. If it harms the animal specimen than that chemical is a no go. The wanton disregard for the animals is known as animal cruelty. As a company, Tease believes this to be morally wrong and is why all of the products we use are cruelty- free. Our animals are a part of the family, so why would we want to inflict pain on them? The answer is we DON’T. We stand against Animal Cruelty and the companies that support such acts. If you still aren’t sure about converting to cruelty- free products than as yourself this, would you perform the same tests on a loved one of yours such as a child? If your answer is no, than start looking into cruelty free companies.


Do your research. Learn which companies and parent companies support animal testing. Try and find alternatives out there. Companies such as Urban Decay, Kat Von D, and Tarte are advocates for cruelty free products.

We at Tease are avid animal lovers! We love these little fur babies and this is why we are cruelty- free.

Check out sites such as crueltyfreekitty.com for more information!