Galveston Photoshoot

Do you ever just tell yourself I’ll do something tomorrow, tomorrow comes and NADA no work has been done? I’ve really been procrastinating on what to write for the month of July. I have things to write about but I can never bring myself to sit and write. So, for the month of August, I will be having our Media Relations Manager do stories on “Crazy Things I’ve Done for my Wedding.”

Today’s post will be about our Photoshoot that was shot back in June. It was a HOT summer day down in Galveston but the pictures turned out BEAUTIFUL. We originally planned to go up North to Blue Lagoon in Huntsville (if you haven't heard of it you should definitely look it up!). However, we ended up going to the Seawall and Downtown Galveston (another landmark you should go to). It was a long and tiring day but hopefully you have seen some of the images on our Instagram page. From the hair to the makeup, it was such an amazing shoot. Don’t believe it? Look at the pictures below!!

First stop: 

Full of gorgeous mid to late 1800 architecture we started our day in Downtown Galveston! It made not only for a beautiful backdrop but also some nice shade from the warm summer day. 

Gorgeous surroundings

Final stop!

What better place to shoot at then the beach!!! We were hoping the blue water would be there but unfortunately Galveston was back to its normal self. Still a fun time though. 

Model: Haley Dana

Makeup: Nastassia Loya

Hair: Sammy Ronan

Photography: Jessica and Nastassia 

Hope you loved it as much as we did.


- TeaseHTX Team