Time to Cleanse

First blog post about crazy things I've done for my wedding! 

I would say the cleanse is definitely the most outrageous. Why? Because I was literally a hangry mess for three days in a row of my own accord. Would I do it again? Most likely not. Not going to say absolutely not, because my best friend is pretty persuasive on getting me to do weird things with her. But I digress. I'm going to start from the beginning. (Note to readers, I did not take before and after pictures because unfortunately I am self conscious.) 


My best friend and I decided to do a cleanse together. Long story short, I ended up doing the cleanse by myself. It's a pretty easy process where you can just find a place online and either go pick up the juices or have them sent to your house. I ended up going with Squeeze because I had a discount code. It wasn't too expensive, they delivered to my house, and had everything planned out from the day and order to drink them. Easy enough. The hard part? Not eating solid food for three days. 

The bag it came in, and my intrusive dogs. 

Day 1:

Day one was probably the easiest day. The juices weren't too bad and I was able to go along with my day. The hard part came when my mom decided to reheat her lunch and walk right past me with her delicious smelling food and all I could do was drink my juice. So, if you do a cleanse make sure you aren't near a microwave or anyone that has amazing smelling food. I made it through Day 1 though! I felt on top of the world and could do this for a whole week! Boy did day two kick my butt. 

Side note: weirdest/ best juice was the charcoal lemonade. Favorite juice by far. 

Day 2: 

Day two was a whole different story. I drank my morning juice but then fell asleep for essentially the whole day. Missed the next three I was supposed to drink which threw me off and caused me to become a HANGRY MONSTER. The whole cleanse thing kind of went downhill from there. I would highly suggest, IF you do a cleanse to definitely look at the ingredients involved. Why? Because I absolutely detest celery which was used in Day 2 and Day 3. That night I may or may not have ended up eating a Harvest Salad from Local Foods (sorry not sorry). 

Day 3:

As stated in Day 2, I hate celery. Literally EVERY. SINGLE. JUICE. had celery in it on Day 3. I would rather drink water and just starve than eat or drink celery. So Day 3 did not end well at all. I did notice my clothes were fitting better though which was nice but still not worth it. I love food too much. Day 3, I ended up drinking only half of the juices and then got a smoothie for dinner to try and even everything out. 

Pros and Cons:

Pros: I did lose some weight but I'm pretty sure it was mainly just water weight and bloating from all the bread I eat. The one pro that I really liked is that it did curb my sweet tooth. Before this cleanse I was literally craving cake 24/7, like bad. After the cleanse I was able to say no to cake/ sweets and instead was craving healthy snacks like fruit. 

Cons: No food, only juice. The ingredients aka celery. Only a subtle difference. The amount of protein in each bottle did not reach the amount of protein you should have in a single day. Honestly, a little expensive. Yet again, no food only juice. 


Over all, It was an experience and I was semi able to accomplish it. However, I highly doubt that I will ever do a cleanse again. I did lose some weight but again it was just water weight. I did fit into clothes I hadn't fit into for some time, but as soon as I went back to solid food, the bloating came back. For those of you who want to do it, here are some of my suggestions. 

- Slowly start preparing your body to be on a liquid diet. Maybe start with more salads, then move on to soup and then the juice. Cutting solid cold turkey is difficult because (at least in my case) my body craved solids. 

- Check the ingredients!! I can not put enough exclamation points! They mix fruit and vegetables together so make sure you like everything in there. Or at least don't absolutely hate one of the ingredients because then you will not drink the juice and it will be a waste of your money. 

- Check with your doctor or nutritionist to see if this is a good option for you. Yes, it can kick start weight loss and help with bloating. However, I do feel that I did not get enough protein from the juices. For me, that's fine because I do not work out and mainly stay indoors. But for someone who exercises, goes outdoors in the heat, and is active it could potentially be risky. There are much better ways of losing weight. 

So all in all, it was an experience. Would I do a cleanse again? Most likely not. There are much healthier routes to take. Portion control, more fruits and veggies, lean meats, etc. There are better, and more cost efficient things out there. 

(These are all my experience and opinions.) 


TeaseHTX x Michelle