Laser Hair Removal

Just to clarify, these are things that I have done before my wedding. I'm not saying you should do it, I am just telling you MY experience. (Also, no pictures were taken unfortunately to show the progress.)

Honestly, the only reason I did laser hair removal was due to Groupon. They had a laser hair removal coupon thing (not sure what they're called). Which made the price more manageable for a broke, post college graduated student. So if you do decide to get it done, then I would highly suggest a coupon of some sort or Groupon. I'm going to be honest, I went to a all girls high school and my fiancee is deployed 6 months out of the year, so shaving is NOT my first priority. Due to these facts, I got my underarms and bikini area done.  I thought I would be more nervous than I actually was. I'm the type of person that has a mini panic attack before a piercing or tattoo. 

Day of:

I could not wax the month beforehand. Then the day of, I had to shave all the parts that were going to have the laser hair removal. Why? I honestly have no clue. Since I was getting my underarms done, they told me I could NOT be wearing deodorant and that if I did they would have wipes to take off the deodorant. Again WHY? I have no clue. You go check in, blablablah. 

As I went to the back room to begin I did get a little more nervous. You lay down and they use this machine that blows air while they use the laser to make it less painful. Honestly, some places hurt less and then some hurt more. It was literally like a tattoo. Not bad but not uncomfortable. But to be fair, at times, it did feel like someone was dragging a piece of glass against my skin. It I know that doesn't sound pleasant at all BUT it's literally only for a few minutes. 

From there you usually have 6-7 other sessions to ensure the prime effect. I went to 6 sessions and since then, the hair that does grow, is very fine and small. It's been about like 5 months since my last session and I have probably shaved my under arms twice. Granted, this is after 6 sessions. I did not really notice any difference after the first two sessions but then slowly but surely there was less and less hair. Makes going out at the spur of the moment much easier! 

So all in all, I would say this was a good investment. One day, when I'm less broke, I plan on getting my legs done. However, that will probably not be for years. 


- TeaseHTX x Michelle