Finding the Perfect Nail Color

Honestly this one isn't crazy at all. It's probably one of the more fun things to do on my list before the wedding. 

Since I was younger I was always into darker colors. Literally my favorite nail color is OPI "Midnight in Moscow" which they don't make anymore. IT SUCKS. But anyways, finding the perfect wedding nail color is difficult, at least for me. My dress is off white kinda like a champagne color and I have this image in my head but when I put the color on it doesn't live up to the expectations. 

So far, I've only done two colors. I feel like I'm getting closer to the right color but not there yet. If anyone has any suggestions, THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. 

But anyways, I find it fun because you not only get to pamper yourself, but your nails get to look AMAZING. It's also fun because you can make it a girls day with some friends, or just go hangout by the pool afterwards.  Another reason to start trying out different nail shades is to also figure out what nail shape you want, length, acrylic vs natural, etc. So give yourself that time and if your fiancee asks why you keep getting your nails done say its for the wedding DUHHHH. Gotta look good for that big day! 

Wedding prep is hard, so find a way to not only relax but to also work on your wedding. Be sure not to neglect the little things! 


--TeaseHTX x Michelle